Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mets Draft

I can't say for certain how this draft will pay off in the end, but I was happy with the results the way my board was setup.

15th Pick and I got the fourth best player on my board,  Aroldis Cruz. At SS he may be weak as the Mets always goes for defense at that position. This time around we tried to go middle of the road with hitting and defense and I think we scored.

36th Pick was up in the air but overjoyed that Andrew Hutton was still available though we were looking at catchers. Hutton has the ability to be a future closer though he is off-speed.

82nd Pick was even a greater surprise as we took  Jedd Rain, another potential SS though we don't think he is much better defensively than Cruz, The two could solidify the left side of the infield and are almost identical at the plate.

98th Pick might be a let down with Dock Truman, pitching isn't solid but what can one expect as the pickings are real slim in this area by now. Still, he had the potential to be in a ML bull pen which delights us.

Of all the catchers we looked at, Ray Mock was our candidate and we were hoping he would be there in the 3rd round, Boston grabbed him in the supplemental to our dismay even though there were better players on the board. The power catchers were better suited for the AL in my theory and where they landed.

1B: There wasn't much listed in this position on my board though maybe one or two listed at other positions.

2B:  McKay Byrdak and Stone Hawkins were the best two on my board though neither one appeared good enough for the position. Both can play corner outfield with passion, especially Byrdak, Washington had messy jeans with that selection.

3B: As usual there was none listed on my board and you have to look at SS's for that and we did.

SS: Douglas Bryant was in my number 1 slot and Texas took him #1. Has the name to be a Texan for sure and almost a home town kid. Still, i think the best bet is 3B. I took two of the top four on my board according to the scouts.

LF: Paul Chang was the best player on my board and went in 2nd round, tell you anything.

CF: I didn't see anybody that had 1st round potential that resembled this position, not even a SS in reality.

RF: Alberto Henriquez was on my board at #3 and I almost got him with the 15th pick. Vancouver made a fine choice at #13. I did consider him a 1B however.

P: Nate Richardson was in my #2 slot and a good job by Leetle Rock scooping him up with the 2nd pick. Not a superstar I don't think but in the upper echelon.

Tanner Rapp was in my 5th slot and the Dodgers did an admirable job to rebuild around. I considered him middle relief by the way.

Andrew Hutton was the best short guy on my board and in slot 7, now you know why I was jumping for joy in the with my supplemental pick.

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