Thursday, February 6, 2014


Everyone may or may not agree with this as usual. We as a whole can't even agree on Hall of Fame, though there are fifteen or twenty players more that should be there. That isn't exactly the problem but is a history lesson I elude to. Many of those players that should be there played in the glory days. How many players have we voted in were a consensus first round ballot inductee? Who replaced all these players on the eligible list? 

How long have I done the reports on the players in the draft and international stars coming into the league? Like forever. I have seen an alarming trend I noted several seasons ago and hasn't really changed much. How many actual superstars have been introduced  in the last eight or nine seasons? Not many and most of them fell to the Cubs...grrrrr.  The Cubs reign is almost at an end, does anyone realize that? How do I know? It is simple, The players are old and waning, then look at the minors..might want to look at another teams minors as the current Cubs rosters wouldn't get far past the Low A level. Has nothing to trade either and the only solution is to find players in Free Agency. That doesn't work well with high contracts, no one here has a real Yankee or Red Sox budget as we are limited with a salary cap.

I made note of the Pittsburgh problem several seasons ago and the Cubs will hit the same wall as they are at that point also. It would take a severe hit trying to come up with a solution to fix the up coming problem. Everyone was yelling at Houston for their rebuild, theirs came about the same way, the old Florida team the same.

You wonder how this could happen? Owners not paying attention with the only dream to win the prize? Somewhat maybe! Back to the draft to answer the question. Foe many season we enjoyed a draft that was always deep, Erff even drafted well in the 32nd position, never understood how but he did. The drafts use to contain fifteen to twenty players that could be called ML players with ease add in five or six from the International Market and viola, several superstars and supporting cast. The last eight or nine seasons that hasn't happened, even the first pick of the draft is suspect of being a superstar like he should be. Then you go down the list in the draft, after the tenth player it has been tough to find an actual serviceable good backup player. Not to mention the fifth thru tenth being good even. Even with all the money in the market, it has been an iffy proposition. Megabucks being spent on players that have potential but flounder in a Cape Cod frying pan.

Potential is another part of the problem. The players overall potential value is in the nineties and if by luck they are only attaining eighty-five, most cases lower. Most players are flawed heavily also in one way or another which doesn't help the cause. Like hey, the best player on my board is a left handed pitcher, that is a cruel joke ninety-nine percent of the time. I have also noticed a trend that players are declining earlier than they should, like at twenty-nine, not the normal thirty-two.

To tell the truth, it has been a crap shoot for a while. At least this seasons draft board has potential help as it is deeper  than usual from what I am seeing for a change. Is that an actual reality?  Who knows at this point. What I do know, there are 32 teams, and the pickings are pretty slim and has been for quite a while.

Here is an example. Rah Rah Sis Boom  Bah for Pittsburgh!

Placido Espinoza: Has superstar written all over him. A consensus most might agree. Close examination though has holes like a rotted pipe. Off-speed, left handed, questionable health and mediocre pitch selection just to name a few. Superstar or just another above average player with potential in the end? $20M to take the chance!

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