Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The News We Like to Forget

Michael Polcovich : The latest POW, was arrested today on charges of animal cruelty. His farm in Oklahoma was seized today after it was learned he was raising steers and calves for rodeos. A big concern for animal activists lately as they have determined it to be cruel and inhumane. Especially after the highly inbred giraffe incident was used as food for starving lions that no other zoo wanted because of a bad gene pool.

Julian Saltalamacchia" Another of the latest Pows, was arrested as he was walking down an ice covered side walk, slipped and fell pushing his wife into a snow bank. It was filmed by a frantic neighbor who called police. It was determined from the video that it was a case of assault. His wife is filing charges.

In Colorado Springs today, it was learned that kpmarti and A's owner, Slobs, are under investigation for solicitation and pandering. It seems their joint venture into workout videos is in question. It was discovered that an unwitting intern picked up the casting couch porn video by mistake. Though, it was the first time either of them heard a girl scream "MORE". How they made her look like a pretzel holding a beer is beyond us.

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