Friday, February 28, 2014

Yesterdays News Today!

Aramis Seanez signed by Houston for the lead payout of $22.7M. We are not sold that he can play SS all that well as of yet, 3B looks very lively however. He can hit and that is what the 'Strohs were after as VL opened a vintage can of Colt 45.

Esmerling Wilfredo was signed be the Expo faithful with a $16.1M bonus. Not sure who they were fighting with but I feel he was over sought by someone. My scouts don't like him at SS either and are squeamish about 3B even. Time will tell.

Brain was all worried about Pascual Pichardo stacking up. To tell the truth, $6.6M might be a little high but could develop into a ML pitcher of sorts. Simply put, I am on the fence about his qualifications.

Octavio Navarro was signed by Brian also for $1.4M. This made the news because the Mets were after him and was expecting a cheap return. After we doubled his asking price and wasn't even close, we walked from the table. We don't think he is good enough for that kind of money.

In other news, Dilo was seen in New jersey last night. It was rumored he was on the ice once again making a deposit with the ex. We are not sure whose ex at the moment. Bruce had a moment of sobriety last night but that quickly ended when he was forced to gnaw his arm off. Apparently the wife snuggled against him, the neighbors wife that is. svick39 was crying last night as he watched Parks and Recreation, somehow it mirrored his Valentines Day disaster. Ask Knuck about his new bird.

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