Monday, April 7, 2014

NL and AL Manager of the Year

Ooooops..Ich vergesse. Du stimmst!


Overwhelming choice would be Mal probably for winning it all.

Let us not forget the seasons dakar and Vegasbombers.

My choice for the award goes to dpj0122 however.


josepaco would be good. He did make it to the finale without the aid of Superman for much of the season.

sjpratt for the best record, 5th strait 1st place finish in the tough South but then again, 5th strait disappointment winning a round in the playoffs.Have a Stoli on Bruce's tab.

wholck perhaps? Back in the playoffs after 7 frustrating seasons.

chase39 for getting above 65 wins after a disastrous start but believing they could endure.

My choice is up for grabs. Bruce, keep your hands to yourself!

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