Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AL Preview

AL North

Has things flipped in this division again? This should prove to be an interesting division as Toronto, Minnesota and Seattle could all be first place at the end of the season. Oh, lets no leave out Detroit either. Don't let the early season antics fool anyone, Seattle has the better team on paper.

Then again paper teams don't always win and I like Toronto's chances. Followed closely by Seattle and the Twinkies.

AL East

Last season I made a wild prediction in this division, not this year. Boston all the way. I do believe Washington will wind up second along with Atlanta. Dover just doesn't have the oomph in my belief.

AL South

Little Rock zoomed out to an early lead but has settled down to earth already. I have always liked Tampa Bay in this division but have always been disappointed. Will this season be any different?

I still like Tampa Bay (glutton for punishment on this prediction) to win the division with everyone else a close second. Watch out for those Texans however, can never rule out a team under this management guru.

AL West

Oh umm..I hate this division, anyone can win even with 10 games to go. This division will be as interesting as the rest of the AL. All four teams are equal one way or another and to give one a slight edge would be tough. I like Helena personally but the Slobs are candidates also, not to slight the other two.

Odds on favorites to win their divisions

1. Helena Hot Pockets
2. Seattle Mariners
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Tampa Bay Rays

Wild Cards hopefuls (not in any particular order)

5. San Diego Padres
6. Anaheim Angels
7. Toronto Blue Jays
8. Las Vegas Slobs
9. Minnesota Twins
10. Texas Rangers

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