Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mets Splashes Awes Fans

The Met fans are excited this season as we have made a flurry of deals. Most of the fans are calling us crazy in all reality, but we don't mind. If it works, we might just have a chance.

Our first moves were to fix the ailing offense which was dead last in runs scored. The trade for Chun-Lim Satou got the fans buzzing and shaking their heads for sure. Yes we are hoping that he just had a bad season in Toronto at the plate. Giving up Pepper Inge in what most say was a salary dump was a tough decision. Inge was actually in my dog house for much of the season so it wasn't that tough. In Satou we are hoping to make him a GG 3B along with being able to play several other key positions if needed. We are hoping his bat comes around after last years horrendous season in Toronto.

Picking up Rob Webster in the FA market probably surprised a few. But he is my type of catcher, strong defensively and can handle a decent bat. Overall he is actually a vast improvement over Bip Phelps who was released to make room.

Still needing a #4 hitter, we decided to go with Domingo Jose. It was a heated discussion with the owner as he really wanted Omar Garrido. The big selling point here was contact and Type B.

The pitching staff which was surprisingly decent last year according to the stats. With the worst offense in the league, it was actually hard to evaluate. We selected J.D. Kennedy. We think he will do a great job for us in the Big Apple. He might be a fringe starter and may wind up in the pen where help is needed also. We got Don Zhou to further help our pen.

We decided this year that we would give up trying to get a star IFA player. Last year, we only saw about 50% of the big talents and the ones we did see went for more money than Satou's contract.

We have the first pick in the Rule 5 draft, so we are not done yet. It is possible that we could find a talented player here if someone doesn't protect them. We still have a hole on the offensive bench from an underperforming vet and several in the pitching department as several could still find the unemployment line.

Looking at the minors is actually a non-issue as they are not ready to put on that big league uniform plus there is only a handful we are keeping an eye on. Trading one of those players is highly unlikely.

At least we won't be the offensive laughing stock of the league this year. Hopefully teams will fear us instead of resting their players as opposing pitchers will sure take notice. Defensively we had the best Met team in a decade as the curtain fell on that tragic comedy. Our team speed was surprisingly good and more emphasis was put on that aspect as well. The mystery on stage at this time is the pitching staff, is it as good as the numbers indicated last year or were they just lucky?

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