Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NL Preview

NL North

The Pirates have dominated for quite a few seasons now and have jumped out to an early 4 game lead. I believe the Brewers have a better team overall but their starting pitching rotation is lacking. The Reds will fight and play their hearts out but will probably end up third. The Cubs are still rebuilding and looks to have another dismal year in the cellar.

Can the Brewers overcome a slow start to breath down the necks of the Pirates is the big question.

NL East

The Browns jumped out to the early lead just like last year, but here comes the Phillies closing the gap before the first turn again. The Mets fixed their offensive woes in the off-season but the pitching staff has been luckless so far. The Orioles made an opening series statement but has been very lackluster since.

If the Phillies win, it will be because of the starting pitching staff. Expect the Browns and Orioles to fade away once again. That leaves the Mets to challenge if they can get things in sync.

As a side note, this could be the last season in old Shea Stadium as the lure of the Bronx is overwhelming as the new stadiums loom but will still be called the Mets.

NL South

The Marlins have dominated for some time because of one player in all reality. The Red Devils are making a showing this season so far while the Astros and Knights have lingering effects.

Don't be fooled by the early season goings on in this division. Look for the Marlins to win but the Astros will wake up and challenge while the Red Devils will remain formidable. The Knights are under a learning experience curve and will get better.

NL West

The Dodgers have jumped out to an early lead and don't expect them to give it up so easily. The Super Sequoias are still a force to be reckoned with. The D'Backs aren't shabby along with the Giants.

This division should be the one to watch as they all have a shot. When it is all said and done however Salem should be on top with with the other three a close second.

Odds on favorites to win their divisions

1. Salem Super Sequoias
2. Florida Marlins
3. Pittsburgh Pirates
4. Philadelphia Phillies

Wild Cards hopefuls (not in any particular order)

5. Houston Astros
6. Milwaukee Brewers
7. Mexico City Diablos Rojos
8. Arizona Diamondbacks
9. New York Mets
10. Los Angeles Dodgers

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