Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet The Mets Night

The Mets spent the off-season fixing the offense hoping the pitching is as good as we think they are. The fans are excited as well they should be for a change. Several new faces will abound this year and a couple more could grace the field before the final out is yelled.

Team song: I Love New York

1B - Tomas Guerrero was the top hitter in a dismal lineup last season but his defensive prowess left a little to be desired.

2B - John McInerney antics at the plate and on the field left management fit to be tied. This season he comes back stronger and more focused in getting the job done.

3B - Chun-Lim Satou was captured in a Winter meeting trade as his old bosses were more than disappointed with his play. We remembered his past accomplishments at Florida and realized that it may have been bad luck. Making him the "hot corner" has ignited his passion once again.

SS - Tomas Trevino played the position exceptionally well last season and expect more of the same. He may not be a prolific hitter but manages to look graceful.

C - Rob Webster was targeted quickly in the FA market to be the starting catcher. His defense was the driving force even though his hitting is admirable enough. Equally sharing the backstop duties is Gary Stanley another standout defensive attraction the pitchers love.

LF - Dan Radke was awed that he was the starting left fielder last season. Second only to Guerrero in hitting, has plans to be much better this season. His fielding still lags a bit and is still learning.

CF - Abdul Riggs was a surprise addition last year. The only other hitter with an average above .260 and second in the stolen base department, all from the lead-off spot.

RF - Domingo Jose was our highlight in the FA market and a steal in our minds. We desperately needed a "hole" hitter and we feel he was the best fit for our club.

Bench - Daiki Xaio, Pedro Johnson, Pascual Zapata

Starting Pitchers

1 - George Atkins was the first starter with a winning record in quite some time. If the offense and defense gels, could be the first ever Met to be a 20 game winner.

2 - Damaso Espinoza had a trying season last year. Didn't matter how well he pitched, the offense just wasn't there. He still talks about his 1-0, 3 hit complete game loss as his best game ever.

3 - Dwight Ramirez had a bad season last year and knows he has to do better this year or it off to no mans land.

4 - Clinton Cedeno made some off-season improvements and has been given a short leash this year.

5 - J.D. Kennedy has been penciled into this slot but we just aren't sure at the moment.


Al Limon is a great long reliever but had problems when the game was on the line.

Charlie Hicks had problems last year and the coaches think they can fix the problem.

Christy Levis pitched well last year but wound up in the dog house anyway.

Gus Brooks didn't fare well as a starter last season and it might turn into an early farewell.

Don Zhou was the snagged early in the FA market and we are hoping that the 8th inning are a sure hold instead of a hope we hang on deal.

Wayne Hampton learned a great deal last year and has returned more determined than ever.

Dale Stevenson caught a break last year and took advantage of his chances as a 31 year old rookie.

Dom Tabaka had his best season since his younger days. He is hoping to have a great season this year and get back on track to 400 saves.

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