Sunday, June 12, 2011

The FA Splash So Far

Todd Hafner became the first big FA to sign a contract. Arizona chimed in with a modest two year deal in hopes of fixing their pitching staff. They weren't done there as they later signed Rico Polonia to a rather large but comfy long term deal. I got out of this bidding war at $33M as I had other needs.

Jeff Wolcott signed with the Seattle Mariners. Not great defensively in CF but is adequate if that are their plans for him. Maybe they are regretting trading Abdul Riggs to the Mets last year. Nigel Lennon was also signed later to a descending contract, though my feeling is still overvalued.

Boston saw fit to sign Philip Nelson. They took notice as he performed pen duties well in Texas.

After making cap room in the Satou deal, Toronto went after Cookie Eyre to further help the pitching staff.

Edam55 targeted Britt Swindell, one of his favorite players from years gone by. Why not, he still has enough juice for one more season.

Joaquin Villano was tapped by the new guy in Charlotte. May or may not be a good fit, but the contract is not too outlandish. Along with Villono comes Myron Michaels, me think they are twins somehow.

Domingo Jose was pegged by the Mets as their hole hitter. J.D. Kennedy fills the vacancy left by Inge in the Satou deal.

The Twinkies rolled out the carpet for Charles Chang, the hapless Cubbie. A 1-year deal, looks like either trade bait or transaction deadline deal.

Willie Espinosa became the first double digit contract signee by the Dodgers. At 35 and a 4-year deal seems like a risk, hopefully there are exit clauses at the end. Not being shy about pitchers, they also signed Johnny Collier. I was hoping he would be there on the cheap late, as his health was an issue with me for that much cash.

Ron Hudson was snagged by Houston. He has had his ups and downs,(DJ's Sister maybe?) but a surprisingly cheap pickup unless you were looking for an everyday closer.

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