Friday, June 17, 2011

More FA News

It was the normal FA frenzy this season as 21 Type B and 9 Type A players changed franchises. Owners were careful as only 4 first round picks were given up.

Johnny Collier was a sought after prize that was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

David Encarnacion gave up his services to further help the Charlotte pitching staff.

Edgard Espinosa was signed by Texas hoping to improve their beleaguered pitching staff.

Maverick Duran was often criticized in Dover but Toronto thinks he can be a winner.

Gene Podsednik was over looked by many because of his fielding abilities, but it seems the Dodgers wanted an OBP type player, now where to play him?

Rob Holzemer was cheaply acquired by Boston to strengthen the rotation.

Barney Byrne dealt with Texas as they needed a defensive center-post in the outfield.

Omar Garrido was the best power hitting non-1B available but it seems no one was willing to start a bidding war. Pittsburgh decided to give a huge bonus up front and a peanut contract to hit home runs for the kiddies making up for their huge loss.

Shaggy Stratton was highly prized by many teams as Tampa Bay won the bidding war for his pitching services at a staggering price.

Juan Carrasquel was coveted by most teams and the war ensued. Anaheim shelled out the biggest contract of the season.

Doug Cambridge and his old arm was given a breath of fresh air, err smelly air, as he joined the Dover Dung Beetles

Don Gong was given a chance to prove his worth in Arizona.

Elrod Daley moved his somewhat gregarious catching abilities to Anaheim in the hopes of besting left handed pitchers.

Harry Sanchez moved his newly acquired World Series ring to Atlanta who was looking for a lead-off batter and could play the hot corner.

Groucho Rogers was an unlikely candidate for middle relief duties at Florida but was tagged to fill out the pitching roster.

Clarence Valentin was the latest signing by the New York Mets. Overlooked by everyone it seems, the two time Gold Glove winner at 3B brings his services to the Big Apple who needed an every day infielder/outfielder.

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