Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hall of Fame Voting

A look at who I think deserves voting consideration.

Jesus Cruz has a very nice resume if you ask me and yes I voted for him.

Juan Castro had 522 Home Runs (85 in season 5) and 345 stolen bases and was rarely caught and really deserves to be in the Hall even with his somewhat low average.

Posiedon Warden was a constant threat to be on the pads during his hey day. In his last season it was decided he would be put on every team, does that ever bring back memories. Yes, he deserves to be in the Hall.

James Kim seemed to always get on base. Other than his batting average however leaves him kind of in the cold.

Ramon Dong was like Kim, always on the base pads. Everyone needs a big Dong on their team, DJ's sister lusted after him.

Charles Kinney wasn't great but made teams he played for great as he could get them to the 6th or 7th inning and be in contention. 142-56 is not a laughing stat. Yes I voted for him.

Frank Gates was one of the best hitting catchers I have ever seen with over 3300 hits. What a resume and Yes I voted for him.

Andrew Spencer does deserve consideration but too many others that were better.

Chad Sanders deserves to be there also, a Cy Young and 5 World Series rings proves it.

Billy Ulrich was an all around good catcher, but Gates was better.

Bryan McDowell was a great closer, the 6 fireman awards in a row proves that.

Mel Wagner deserves heavy consideration, 226 wins proves it. Yes I voted for him.

Mitchell Ray like McDowell was one of the best closers and went head to head a few times. 5 fireman awards! I voted for him because of the 454 saves.

Randy Lamb was a bit over the top but still had 627 Home Runs and for the most part on a bad team.

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