Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AL Preview

I don't know what to think about the AL as it is not so easy being in the NL. The DH has a lot to do with it.

AL North

The Minnesota Twins look like the team to beat in the North. It is a hard comparison as no one really has a full roster to go by.

The Montreal Expos aren't out the picture either. Even with the move out of Seattle they are still a force to be reckoned with.

The Detroit Tigers are improving. Once they figure out that good contact with a good eye is the way to go. Pitching is not overwhelming but is decent enough for the home park. They still look like a team in rebuild mode.

The Toronto Blue Jays has a short roster at the moment but look like a rebuilding plan is on the move.

AL East

The Boston Red Sox keeps winning with pitching. I am not so overwhelmed with their offense so much but is enough to win.

The Baltimore Orioles has an offense. The pitching, well, that is another story. Is this team ready to play in Camden? A new owner, a season or so and I think they can.

The Washington D.C. Senators seems to always have a good team that can't win. Last year I thought they could, but the defense was so bad that it may have lost 30 games in itself. Another season and another try.

The Dover Dung Beetles haven't recovered from their earlier success. The offense is there. The pitching staff just doesn't look strong enough to carry them through however.

AL South

The Little Rock Heads has spent lots of money building a team this year. Will they play as a team or look like an expansion team? I am giving them the benefit of the doubt because on paper they can.

The Tampa Bay Rays are as good as the last few seasons. If the Heads falter, the Rays will jump on them fast as will the rest of the South.

The Texas Rangers are going to bite teams this season. Winston Maxwell meet Juan Redondo! I may have them listed third in the division but don't let that fool ya.

The Kansas City Royals says it is clobbering time. And you had better believe it. The pitching might be a little iffy.

AL West

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox made a jump from San Diego to get away from Petco. Not a bad choice if you ask me. I think they can play here also just as well.

The Anaheim Angels look like they have a swagger this year, don't ask why. I just think they are solid all the way around.

The Oakland A's look just as good in green as they did pulling one armed bandits. They match up evenly with the Angels if you ask me.

The Helena Hot Pockets had always looked good on paper but when the dust settled they were most generally stuck in the mud. This season looks different for some reason.

Analysis: It is really hard to make heads or tails out of the North at the moment. The South and West is gonna be a bitter showdown all season long in my anticipation. WIS Chuck says bring it on.

1. Boston - experience says it all.
2. Colorado Springs Sky Sox - I had to choose
3. Minnesota Twins - I liked them over LR
4. Little Rock Heads - I bought a team that should win today and tomorrow.
Wild Cards - Tampa Bay, Texas, Kansas City, Anaheim Angels and Oakland A's

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