Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Season 23 Mets

Okay, it is time for the Mets to get over the hump. They have gone from perennial doormat (maybe laughing stock would be more appropriate) to a most formidable foe in the last 4 seasons. With a little luck I think we can and with New York fan support of course.

As our budget indicated, we were gonna go all out for a front line pitcher with George Atkins leaving. However, other than Maxwell who went for an amazing sum of money, I really didn't see a pitcher to gaga for. Well one worth giving up a #1 pick for anyway albeit 21. We did pickup Benny Calero and Hector Fernandez to strengthen our pen in the FA market cheaply.

The Coaching Staff: It is a wonder half of you didn't hear me screaming when I found out I would have to replace 5 of the coaches. The wife came running the cats hid under the couch and didn't come out til morning. Maybe that is why ME 3 was more appealing.

Hitting: Bud McIntosh had to be coaxed back for a fifth season but was a quick lure.
1st Base: Marvin Morris takes over for Chase Kirby who wanted 3B or else. He found out "or else" meant the unemployment line to us.
3rd Base: Phil Hitchcock remains a stoic figure for an old man.
Pitching Coach: Reginald Kline takes over as promised and should be a good improvement.
Bull Pen: Pablo Chantres was snuck on board with the promise of the Pitching job next year, shhh don't tell Reggie. Ummm it could be a big decision next year.
Bench Coach: Geraldo Terrero takes over as almost any cheap lackey could do the job if you ask me.
Fielding Instructor: Juan James was laying around doing nothing when he got the call. Committed alcohol abuse, kicked the dog and stubbed his toe as he couldn't get out of Philly fast enough. Though that seemed minor compared to the tantrum I threw here in the office, they are still fixing things.

The Line Up: Only one minor change from last seasons line up. All told, they done a great job piling up stats that hadn't been seen in a while for a Mets squad. So there is lots of hope.

1B: Leo Rodney returns for his second full season. Hopefully the new FI can teach him how to hit the covering pitcher but somehow I doubt it.

2B: Emil Flores may play second or 3B, we just can't make up our minds.

3B: Carlos Mesa may start the season at 3B but chances are he will wind up at SS before it is over.

SS: Guy Oquist will start the season here but will probably find backup roles more appealing as the season progresses.

C: Sun Hasegawa gets a second chance as the backstop with the aging Gold Glover Rob Webster as his backup.

LF: Dan Radke and his shiny new contract gets to show off.

CF: Clarence Valentin was platooned in CF last year, we don't see that happening this year.

RF: Marc Redman could have been the ROY last season but suffered an injury after being called up. We are expecting great things from him this season from the lead off position in the line up.


Domingo Jose experienced an injury a few seasons ago and just never recovered and steadily declines but still makes a viable resource as a backup for 1B and corner outfield when needed.

Chun-Lim Satou and his big contract expires this season. Still is one of the best 3B in the business, suffers from fatigue late in the season but we have a plan for him this year.

John McInerney can play 2B as well as a backup in CF when needed. Has never really played to his abilities and won't be a bench warmer for long.

Pitching Staff: With better pitching coaches this year we are expecting better things from the staff this season.

R.J. Bellhorn, Harry Rodriguez and Clinton Cedeno are hoping to make a solid threesome in the starting staff. Not many teams have as many starting lefties as we do.

Ted Maxwell did great as a starter in the second half last year and we hope it will continue this year.

Danys Candelaria, Al Limon, Wesley Ray, Benny Calero and Hector Fernandez , which will be the rotational 5th starter and hold down the middle innings.

Don Zhou and Wayne Hampton will be there to stave off any late inning rallies.

Dom Tabaka will come in to close out the many wins for us and add to his Hall of Fame career in saves.

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