Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hall Of Fame

Who do I think belong in the Hall? Well here are some that easily belongs and a few more on the list also in my opinion. Can we get the concensus necessary to get some in is the question.

1. Jeff Brooks What can ya say, 4 time Gold Glove in CF no less, 233 stolen bases, 7 time All_Star to name just a few of his hardware accomplishments. May not have the overall average to carry the votes but how could he not be under heavy consideration.

2. Doug Cambridge was a dominate short reliever and closer.

3. Ramon Dong wasn't your perennial power hitter but always found a way on base as his OBP and BA speak for themselves.

4. Kent Heredia 214 wins with an ERA under 4 and 6 All-Star nods.

5. Brett Kinney not a powerhouse by any means, had a weak eye at the plate but 8 Gold Gloves in CF carry some weight with me.

6. Mike Leius with his 208 wins, 3 Cy Young awards and winning percent of .700, how could you not vote for him.

7. Furio Lombard hard for an infielder to make it but he was very good, his awards prove that.

8. Orlando Ozuna had 2 Cy Young awards and was second a couple times, still, 247 wins is very impressive.

9. Vinny Post was an outstanding closer with 523 career saves. His ERA and win-loss record may look skewed but that happens with pure closers and a life time in a heavy hitters park.

10. Britt Swindell was one of the best and his hardware proves it.

11. Mel Wagner may not have the hardware but was on a team with Yamil if you remember. He even won the Cy Young over over Yamil.

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