Monday, March 26, 2012

Season 23 Starts

First we must give our new owners a big WELCOME! A couple of them have big jobs ahead of them and hope they stay to see it through.

I know I have been petty silent the last couple of weeks. Mass Effect 3 has been on the agenda. You know what happens about good video games, they become highly addictive and consume a lot of time without realizing it.

As usual the Free Agent contracts are going overboard in the pitching department. My lone Free Agent was picked up by Little Rock who is knee deep in spending money for a team this year. I wish him luck with George, he wanted to vamoose from New York but didn't get the really big contract he was hoping for and joins what appears to be a Geriatric pitching ward. Letting Dwight Hall go, yup to Little Rock, and picking up Victor Beltran looks like a coup for Florida. Paul Berroa remains the biggest name left in the pitching circle.

The hitting department hasn't seen much movement in Free Agent compensation as of yet. Another day and half to go though, maybe they will start dropping like flies. Though I don't really see anybody to get overly excited about myself.

AS for coaches, I know this would be a little late for the newbies but... What I try to do is find coaches for the minor leagues that have a high Patience, Discipline and Loyalty. It is tough to find, though I sometimes don't pay that much attention to Loyalty. Of course their major attribute needs to be relatively high. I try to cultivate them more or less as they will get better each year except the three I just named. Normally they will stay at a level for two years before wanting moved to a higher level, if they want to stay at a level for a third year I would advance them anyway if you want to keep them. I am relatively pissed off this year about my Fielding Instructor at the ML level. He was just getting to the point where he was going to make a difference and suddenly he wanted to be the Bench Coach, that irked me to no end. Originally he kept up the charade but now is listed as a FI again and is jobless at the moment, that will ruin him if he stays that way. Wish I would have waited, now I am saddled with an almost useless FI again.

I was hoping my entire staff would return from last year, but most left for supposed greener pastures but I enticed some to return.

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