Thursday, March 8, 2012

Season 22 World Series

Houston Vs Seattle! No surprise that these two are facing each other in all reality. Well, my odds say so anyway. Funny how all three teams that had 1:2 odds made it to the LCS. A tired Pirate team getting by Salem mystified everyone I think. So the odds say Houston as the 2:1 favorite. Why so low? Seattle has experience.

Really wasn't that much of a surprising season. The Cubs became the darling team in the NL. San Diego took a hole shot at the beginning of the season and never looked back. No last minute heroics by Texas this time around. Helena did their disappearing act at the end of the season again. The question now is whether next season will change things.

Nostalgia question: How many of you remember the 5lb Easter Eggs? You know, the ones with the hard candy flower in the center you pried off and threw away. Came in either fruit and nut, maple creme or coconut creme.

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