Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Rule V Draft Highlights

The recently completed Rule V draft saw an increase in players taken for the first time in a few seasons. Was it worth it? There were a few fillers but not many.

1. Neifi Hooper was the first player taken. Listed as a SS in the draft, card had him listed as a 2B. The staff thinks he could play 3B or RF most efficiently however. Nothing stupendous at the plate, maybe .250 with 15 dingers.

2. Oscar Brown is a starting pitcher. Not great mind you but could suffice as a 5th starter or long reliever.

3. Charlie Shaw is a short reliever and not good enough to be a closer. When I first looked I wondered why he wasn't protected then saw his health. Could be an adequate player if he stays off the DL.

4. Kennie Jorgensen listed as a SS in the draft but carded as a 2B. The best effective spot would be RF. Has some speed as an upside but will still struggle at the plate with maybe a .260 average and 15 taters. The best player available in the draft if you ask me.

skipping onward

8. Gorkys Cerda was listed as a SS. If one needed a defensive backup at SS or CF, this was the player to take. Isn't going to hit much but his defense and PR ability looks good.

33. James Jung listed as a C. Originally I overlooked this player as his skills as a backstop aren't that great. His hitting is sufficient however but not power minded. It was when I looked at the catchers on the St. Louis roster that I understood.

161. Mitchell Medina listed as a starting pitcher. How he lasted this far down the board is a questionable. Could turn into a decent 5th starter or long reliever, if his control and splits improve.

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