Friday, July 5, 2013

Season 28

Welcome to Season 28 of the greatest league in I think. Welcome back knucklebones. A warm welcome to bhansell63 who takes over a team with a lot of promise. And no we aren't going to forget mrbrickey, he shows to be a noob, so lets teach him how to play the game right and help him out. This isn't an easy game to learn by any stretch and we will answer questions if you ask. The answer could be as confusing as the question sometimes but it will be honest.

Do you realize this is my 10th season since taking over the downtrodden Mets? Seems like yesterday. 5 second place finishes, two division crowns with 3 playoff appearances in that time. Not bad after 10 straight 4th place finishes.

What a playoff mess last season, Mets were the only team after round 1 not to get swept.  Then the Cubs score 17 runs in games 2 and 3 and barely win the the World Series. Going back and looking at the preseason predictions, if I had stuck to my guns I would have gotten all 6 right in the AL, never rule out Texas with Silent Ed at the helm and I really liked Montreal from the beginning. The NL turned into a bit of a shambles as I wouldn't pick the Mets to win the East and the bickering that went on out West was magical. Florida won in spite of Ivan the Terrible.

Speaking of Ivan, the watch will be on for his 400th win and maybe his 100th save. Lets not forget Dom Tabaka, though I would like too, who needs 13 more saves to cross the 600 save barrier.

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