Friday, May 31, 2013

A Minor Happening

Something minor for the Mets as Ronny Gant hit his 41st home run of the season. Doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment but it is the most home runs hit by a Met since season 13. Randy Lamb was the last Met player to hit 40+ home runs in a season. If Randy Lamb was in his prime playing today, he may not even be on a ML roster. I can say that with confidence as I have three players at AAA that is better than him that can't stick at the ML level.  That is how bad the live ball era was.

Here is an oddity I found while looking that up. John McInerney has moved to third on the all-time Met home run list and only needs 14 more to move into second place. Of course it helps when the number is so low at 220 but then John is not a home run hitter either. It is also a far cry from the 624 Randy Lamb hit.

I have done some considerable thinking about Claude Chatwood and his fielding delimma. As we know everyone has errors in this game, the type of errors sometimes don't correspond to the players attributes. This is one of those and there are a few others that are beyond my thinking, Tyreace French comes to mind quickly, I can't see him having 5 errors at 1B myself, 3 maybe. Anyway back to the clod, if you think of it this way: the aggregate score of a CF is 295, Claude chimes in at 283 because of his arm. So the answer there is he will commit errors, the problem is the actual errors he is capable of are throwing errors. With that in mind, about the only throwing errors he could incur is missing the cut off man. Unfortunately that is not considered an error unless he throws it into the stands which I have mistakenly seen happen by a CF. So what happens is he gets dinged with the inappropriate fielding error as justification for creating an error.

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