Thursday, August 8, 2013

Intl Update

The International Market has really cooled after the initial onslaught. It is time for an update of sorts just before draft day or more Commonly called Baseball Christmas Day.

Montreal offered David Bennett  $1.1M. He has potential as a setup man if he ever garners enough support to pass the AAAA mark. We do like his chances and is not a heavy burden to find out.

Grade: C+

Alex Guerrero was bought out for $5.1M by the Cards. He thinks he can play SS, it might be tight but could be alright at the position if he is trained well, if not there are alternatives. Don't look for him to be in the stats as a power hitter but he is neither a clutz with the stink in his hands. Just don't ask him to stretch a single or steal a base.

Grade: B

Florida swooped in a spent heavily on a possible starting pitcher prospect in Willie Silva for $9.7M. Since he went for less than 10M we therefore conclude there might be issues. The issues are not with control, velo or pitches as I am confident those will be very good. The splits however could be a trifle unsettling. Still I think he has the potential for a ML career, just not as fruitful in the money jar.

Grade: B

Alex Diaz gained a few pennies after signing with the Memphis RedBirds for $2.6M. Surely my scouts need help or he projects as bad as he looks, I don't support their view at all. Guess I will have to hold my judgement until I see a progress update.

Grade: Confused

So we needed one of those joke names from time to time and Banana Ramsay scores big on the charts. Texas seemed unfazed as they paid $1M for benefit of the name. All jokes aside he may have the potential to be a weak starter or middle reliever.  His splits doesn't look  like a winning set so his value really submarined.

Grade: C

Speaking of that 10M threshold, Aroldis Correa exceeded it with a $10.5M offer from Dover.  He only drew fixed stares from a select few as many saw that his control may not cut the mustard. We think he has the starter potential however.

Grade: B+

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