Monday, August 19, 2013

All-Star Break on the Horizon

Yup, it is that time of year, second week of July! with two games to go before the mid-summer classic the Mets have three players on the roster. It has been an odd season for the Mets to say the least.

I have seen some unusual things this season so far and not just with the Mets. Most are scratching their heads about pitchers in slumps. I have been watching the leader markers and see some very odd things that make me scratch my head. The most recent one is the errors at 2B. I know about the problem with my McInerney as he has come down with 2B Aids.  The fielding inadequacy of Corban Quinn mystifies me as he looks to be a GG candidate by his ratings. We think it is because he has an ugly wife but who really knows.

I am hoping the season gets better for the Mets after the break as we have just come out of a horrible 19 game stretch. 7-12 against teams that we should have beaten for the most part. The worst part was six of those losses were the 1-run variety speaking of which we are 4-14 in that category. Horrendous! Seems odd when you have the third best hitting team in the NL, 8 players with an average over .270 and the second best pitching staff in the NL. Fielding is a little sub-par but only in the error department.

I am trying to find a fifth starter as Dean Boone is happier in the pen but no one has actually stepped up to take the role. Which brings me to another befuddling stat comparing last year. Of the starting pitchers last year, only one had a winning record. This year they all have a winning records except Boone.

It could be wild race to the finish line in the NL as there are probably 4 teams out of the running but anything can happen. The AL not so much as there are more teams out of the current picture which is a surprise. I always get a kick out the AL East as you never know who is in first from one week to the next.

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