Friday, August 9, 2013

News that is the News or May Be the News

Most of this is from the Mets perspective as I know what my mind is thinking. Actually I gave up on thinking long ago because it taxes the brain too much and leads to trouble. But anyway.

I didn't spend too much on scouting budget this year because drafting late around here just doesn't have a lot of perspective ingenuity unless you get really lucky. But mainly because I am readjusting the scouting a little differently. So when I do the Draft Analysis this season don't be alarmed if I get the prospects future messed up a little or a lot. Well in the Draft I saw only three of the top 10 cohorts, get the picture. It was my idea to set up the draft so I didn't have to sign the player and get the pick back next year. Well, that may not have worked out as planned.

I thought the first two players on my board or at least one of them would go in the first 5 picks.  Surprise when I looked and they both fell to the 9th and 10th pick.  I figured my third guy would be the one I would draft in all reality but he fell on a whim to Detroit at 12th. I did get my 4th and 5th choice with the 21st pick and supplemental at 54.  Not all that bad truthfully, my first pick might actually sign though, not sure. Not sure what I might decide if he wants more money to sign.

The Mets are having one of the weirdest seasons I have been witness to.  Last season we couldn't win at home though we almost pulled out a .500 record. This season we only need 20 more wins to have a .500 season already and one of the best teams with a home winning record. Can't win either if you don't win the bulk of 1-run games unless of course, you  stay out of that situation. Mets are #1 in that respect playing in only 10 so far, it is one or those good/bad records though as we are only 2-8. We do have a winning record in extra innings at 4-3 which is odd considering the 1-run line.  We won't go into the bad road record which we excelled at last year.

Pitching has been robust since we are one of the best in that category which means we are never out of a game. How about Sherm Brock as the closer. He took over the slot in the middle last year and has a record of 41 saves in 43 chances since.

Hitting is above the average line barely, normally we are one of the worst hoovering around 10th or so in the NL. Leo Rodney could be the culprit behind that as other teams seem to be letting him hit this year. Can't believe he leads the team in dingers right now.

Fielding hasn't been the spice of life for this team as we are a heavy bobble favorite. Well, John McInerney is specifically.  Not much I can do except move him to another position but locked in as we need his bat in the lineup and Marc Redman is a mirror image. I could flop the two but would end up with the same results.  I do have 2 GG candidates for 2B but they just aren't the hitting type. Remember my catching problem last year and all those stolen bases, well it hasn't actually rectified the situation. Maybe if I put it in the wash it will turn out grand.

Wonder what the Cubs are thinking as they recently lost 8 of 10 to the Braves and Mets? I said at the beginning of the season the Braves ability depended on Tyreace French and so far he has responded in kind.

Surprises so far this season belongs to St Louis and Detroit.  Hopefully the kudos don't garner a bad taste.

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