Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mid Summer Classic is in Swing

First the International news! If you have problems reading this let me know, I messed up Firefox this morning and can't seem to get the font and size right.

Santiago Fernandez was gobbled up by Vancouver Canadians for $16.1M. I show him being able to play CF in the future and a bit of a power hitter versus righties. My scouting sees him as good but not great however which knocks him down a little in key areas.

Grade: B+

Rubby Berrios made n infraction with the San Diego Padres for $10M. If you ask me he will make a grand 3B in the end with a hitting style coveted by the team. A good cheap signing if you ask me.

Grade: A

Rubby Mercado happened by Little Rock where they accosted him with $6.6M. Control looks flaky along with his pitches but does have some nice splits. Maybe they got mixed up on which Rubby they were bidding on or just needed someone to rub one out...

Grade: B-

Roberto Oropesa  committed to the Oakland A's after there wasn't much action against him for $1.7M.  Not sure why, though many might have been pushed away because of his unaquiring health or that he was a lefty.  I call this a bargain pick with potential myself.

Grade: B+

Toronto wanted a Willie and purchased Willie Portillo for $1.3M. I like Willie more than his look alike in Rubby truth be told and the money is most pleasant.

Grade: B-

So lets take a look at the predictions and what has come to pass so far.

The AL

So the North has been all a flutter with Detroit in first place.  The Blue Jays had their wings clipped early but is keeping pace and can make the run in the second half so the predition may hold true yet.

The East has been fun to watch, Dover, no Boston, no Baltimore, will someone make up their minds. If the past is any consolation which it isn't, the Red Sox always seem to outlast the other two at the end.

The South has a sleepwalker in KC the rest of the season.

The West has some action going on with the Sky Sox, Angels, and  A's. I really look for the A's to fade and the fight to remain between the Sky Sox and Angels.

So how are the predictions holding? So far it could easily be 100% though Detroit could put a little surprise crimp in them.

The NL

No surprise here in North as the Cubs are in first, the Reds and Brewers are close but they just can't seem to sustain anything.

The East is kind of a surprise with the Braves in first but are not running away with things and maybe the Mets will catch their second wind after the break.

The South sees the surprising Cards doing their thing with Mexico City sniffing ass for a long time now. It could clear up after the break though one way or the other.

The West Looks familiar with the Dodgers in front, Arizona a close second and the Giants a close third. The Dodgers faded into oblivion last year after the break, will history repeat itself? I still like the Giants.....

Well, I blew the South as the Astros don't look like a playoff team at all but everyone else is close to the mark at least.

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