Saturday, August 3, 2013

Will Potvin

I did a lot of research on the exploits of Will Potvin. Truth be told I think he is getting the shaft more or less. As we all know, it is range that determines plus plays congruent to the position and his peers. Midre Prieto currently leads the NL in plus plays with 8. As his range is good, Potvin's is much better. The argument about an underqualified 1B doesn't hold water as this causes errors only but the range of the 3B could have an effect. Checking that aspect didn't cause any speculation either.

Going down the list, Albert Morales has an even better range than Potvin but his glove and arm causes lots of pain in the error department. Lorenzo Rosado is decent enough but Potvin is better at the position, so why the discrepancy?

Hard to believe but it boils down to the Fielding Instructor. Julian Simontacchi is not a bad coach but lacks the discipline that had been there with Vicente Beltran. Philly coach Chad Kendall has a better glove rating and discipline that defines Prieto's stats. Jarrett Law in Pittsburgh scares many players by looks alone but has a better glove and discipline rating also albeit not all that much but enough to cause an advantage. Cooper Pritchett in St. Louis almost made me do a double take as 11 points of glove rating must really override the lack of discipline. I almost was left scratching my head after that but then pursued matters further to San Diego where Dustin Goldberg has Cristobal Ramirez doing his best.

Of course I have to throw my own Ronn Penny under scrutiny also for the lack of said plays.  I think he may be getting short changed also and he has one of the best coaches there is in Jason Reynolds. Penny and his range though is rather weak somewhat comparatively. Also, stats kind of indicate they try not hit in his direction.

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