Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to the Internatioanals

Leonys Johnson climbed into the money tree after a $16M buyout from Philadelphia. Wise beyond his years is nothing more than a big lovable lout. Now if he can learn to make contact he could be a force to reckon with. He sets up shop in LF where he brings his own vacuum cleaner to manicure the area even.

Grade: B+

J.O. Andujar made waves in Texas with a $3.1M buy in. We aren't so sure about his ability to play SS but gets our vote on playing 3B with ease.  Hitting could be fun if he matures.

Grade: B

Fautino Santiago raked in $9.5M from Memphis.  We give him then benefit of the doubt that he can play SS, better than Andujar anyway. Hitting could be a powerful quagmire however.

Grade: B-

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