Thursday, August 22, 2013


Okay here is the scoop troops. My scouting isn't the greatest in the world, what can you say it is only a 4 anywhere. So trying to figure out a prospect is very tough when the opposing force(s) has a 20.  It even took me two days to figure out middled equaled miss led. So here is an example of what I am seeing and trying to tell everyone what I really think of the player and it isn't easy sometimes.

Jose Calixte was offered $11.3M by Little Rock.

First of all his fielding stats: His current Range is 48, my scouts see that improving to 68 which is a hit on my 20 point rule. With better scouting it could be 5 or more points higher which is a big plus because it will allow him to get that 20 points easy enough and maybe a couple extra. Current Glove is 52 and my scouts see it topping off at 67 which is highly probable and could end up a few points higher than that.  Arm currently is 60/52 and my scouts show 73/66 which of course could easily be higher. Putting my knowledge and 20 point rule in effect, he could play 3B but somewhat weakly and highly likely be better in RF. It would be better to play him at 3B early in the minors however to squeeze the potential out of him.

His Current Durability at 49 isn't a great starting point because it takes a lot to get him over 70. Even though my scouts see it apex at 78 I doubt that and low 70's is the best I would judge. The rest of this area looks good to start with and the chances of him being a speedster is pretty grim.

Hitting: Me thinks his Eye will be pretty good and better than my scouts see at 71, I would say 75 minimum myself. His splits start at 48/35 which tells everyone he hits lefties well. His progression by my scouts show 53/59 but me think it will be more like 63/53. Contact and power start at 55/44, my scouts say it will only progress to 67/51 where as I think it will be closer to 70/60.

So my thinking in the end is you have a player that more than likely will play at the ML level but nothing more than an average player.

Grade: B  Because he is just an average player across the board and would equate to a late 1st round pick.

Yasiel Gonzalez was picked up by Pittsburgh for $4.6M.

To start with he 19 years old. I know it shouldn't make a difference but for some reason it does as it lowers his potential a little.

Durability has a good starting point and my scouts say it won't move, truthfully it doesn't matter but a point or two is possible.  Scouts say his health will get better which is a big plus from the 61 starting point and could easily make it into the 70's. My scouts show his Makeup making it to 56, anything 50 and above is good but will he make it is questionable.

Stamina starts at 48, scouts indicate a 75 is possible, me thinks it will be more like 65 tops. Control is 61 and scouts say 76 is possible, me on the other hand say 80 is possible but age says they might be right in this case. Splits are 51/52 with potential of 58/66, I think 65/68 are more in tune.  He will be an off-speed fly ball pitcher, not much to say there. Pitches however are a little different, scouts show almost no improvement from current. Well, piffly-doo on that as I think 78/62/45/55/40 can be attained.

Still the bidding wasn't generous on this player so his actual value doesn't seem that great. Though I think he can play at the ML level in the pen at some point in his career it won't be stellar. Definitely cheap at any rate.

Grade: B- to C+ Comparatively speaking he probably ranks in the late late first round to early second.

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