Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Agent Thinking

Unusual year if you ask me in the Free Agent market place. Lot of good players, no one really outstanding if you ask me.  Is that the reason for the rather moribund signings so far?

Clark Parrish thinks he is hot shit!. His $9M asking price hasn't dropped which means he probably has several suitors.  He is hot shit by the way, few players out there that can play 2B/CF and hit with consistent power. He is 30 however and the inevitable decline will begin soon, so he will be hot for two maybe 3 years before that number 10 washtub has a rusty hole. 

Apollo Metzger is next on the money trail at $6.8M. He might be just as good as Parrish at the plate, Metzger actually has an arm and can play 3B quite well. Which is more valuable for the price other than needs?

Derek Rodgers, Jim Conner and Yunel Mendez chime in with middle tier modest contract asking prices. None of them can play the position assigned which is problematic. All three are good in their own way and hard to separate in all reality.

Calvin Jung is the first lefty that shows up on the list. Well, he hits left handed anyway. He is young and deserves a fight to be signed if you ask me, mainly because he can play almost anywhere. Though that health rating isn't promising.

The market really makes me laugh. Osvaldo Reynoso thought he could make some money and opened high. he must be disappointed as his opening asking price has almost been cut in half already. Shame that he really never showed he could actually play baseball, the commiserate underachiever.

Rafael Pulido heads the pitching armory with a $6.3M asking price. I like him over the Milwaukee choice as a ready Freddy and probably much cheaper.

Javier Jimenez is asking the same amount but me thinks it could end up outlandish as the best starter on the market. That isn't saying much and a whole lot at the same time if you think about it.

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