Friday, April 11, 2014

Final Free Agent Ticker

After the last post everything quieted down as everyone must have been fighting over the big boys. I was waiting for the prices to drop for the unattended myself.

Wesley Hewson mustered a decent 1 year contract in Minnesota. I still think he has what it takes even though the last two years have looked a bit muddled.

T.J. Cota makes his way to the nations capital. I am a little amused or confused by this move as there were younger and better players available for a cheaper price.

Luis Martinez is smiling heavily once again. He was approached by the Phils who was looking for a sure handed infielder.   Not sure this is a good fit for him but will be helpful to the team I think.

Les Gabriel makes his way to Toronto along with Calvin Jung. Contracts aren't overwhelming as Toronto is trying the Mal-feasance way of putting a team together. It just might work at that.

Emil Flores brings his somewhat fiasco style of baseball to Boston. The unassuming player has collected over 2300 hits in his career without flaunting it.

 George Atkins gets another chance at stardom in Texas. He wasn't thinking along the lines of money, more like a chance to play and redeem himself after last years debacle.

Apollo Metzger got mega bucks that made him squint.  One of the biggest underachievers the last few seasons. KC is hoping for more than a money pit I am sure. 

 Rafael Pulido won the lottery in Chicago. Lot of money spent on the pen this year. You almost have to with the starting pitching being what it has become. 

Clark Parrish finally signed his mega deal. Milwaukee was the winner or could that be loser also? They are serious about winning this year I think.

The Expos even got in the act of dropping big bucks on the pen with  Ramon Nakajima. I wonder what the plans are, long short or closer...hmmm.

Mel White got a new lease on life in the majors. Toronto strikes it rich if you ask me.

Minnesota won the mega war for  Javier Jimenez. Okay, he was good south of the border but now we will have to wait and see if the Twins can be a winner again.

Osvaldo Reynoso has that holy fuck look for a reason. Chicago, e-fuckin-gads.  He had been booted out of worse cities I suppose. At least it wasn't a bad contract.

Buster Kaufman isn't glowing with pride. His smirk is crying out "I am back fuckwads and I have a score to settle!" Jose better be watching his back during practice, someone painted a target on his jersey. 

Vasco Rivera is smiling because someone believes in him as he was unceremoniously let go in Chicago. Well, it might have been his initial asking price but Boston jumped on the right deal. 

Luis Sanchez in Vancouver? He still can't skate on thin ice. For the price, seems like a great idea to me.

Yunel Mendez is actually pissed by the way, not because he is a Padre. He has a score to settle and not happy he is in the NL. Only way to get even however is to win...uh oh.

Jamie Beltre was happy someone was interested. He likes the Broadway lights by the way. The Mets needed a dependable bench player especially at 3B. We courted Souta Song but couldn't agree to terms no matter what. It ended in a choice between Darr and Beltre and went with speed, it could be a killer in this instance.


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