Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Agents

Carl Mattingly became the first FA to sign. A three year deal with the Reds may seem a bit much considering his decline from last year. He still has the bat however though going rather silent in Atlanta the last two seasons. I find it a good signing if the needs were 1B/LF with backup duties in RF.

Ebenezer Munoz became another casualty of Atlanta after signing a three year deal with Milwaukee. Still a very good hitter just don't ask him to be anywhere close to a gold glove candidate at 1B.

Walt Rivera signed one of those tough to dump five year contracts with the Giants and the first type A to sign. I was confused by this singing as the Mets offered more money. Did a couple clubs end the war and Frisco get the cleanup?

Dover snagged Josh Franco with a four year deal. I was interested because he is CF material and isn't a slouch at the plate. A very good four year deal.

The big surprise so far was the signing of Marino Vizcaino by Milwaukee. I am not sure he is that good a closer for the money paid.

Little Rock went shopping in the nations capital and went home with Ray Shunick.  A $55M five year deal for a lefty? Ummm, I am speechless.

Russell Lewis became the push pull toy in a tug of war. Texas ended up wining the prize and someone else might have gotten the Cracker Jacks. Should have some good success in Texas however as the Rangers are rather young and hungry and needed a key vet.

Emilio Pichardo became a surprise signing to me, money wise anyway. Montreal needed a Jack but not sure this is a good fit.

Chip Knepper signed a cheap deal with the Mets. What can ya say...Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. Not a prototypical Mets catcher either.

Patrick Towers got a big payday to play in Philadelphia. Somehow I smell burnt pork down the road from this deal.

I cried fake tears when Andres Carrasquel signed his life away in Florida. I was hungrily waiting for his price to drop of course. He was good enough to me to overlook his durability issues.

Texas strikes again signing a veteran short pen helper in Esteban Cubillan. Makes more sense cost wise than Vizcaino.

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