Friday, April 18, 2014

The AL

AL North

I thought it would be easy starting here this year with my undetermined way of predickshuns or is that premature ejaculations. Oh well, I did figure out who the leader of the pack was going to be.

Montreal - The rest of the pack is envious. The only reason I say that is the pitching staff.

The Twinkies, Blue Jays and Tigers all have good teams and are in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Twinkies with the best shot if the DL doesn't destroy their chances. The Tigers suffer from stadium envy most of the time. I am just not sold on the Jays pitching staff, especially the pen.

AL East

Baltimore - They thought all they had to do was to keep Boston in the rear view mirror. Um, well, that is a start at least. I say they are the team to beat still but will need to beat down a vile competitor.

That vile competitor surprised everyone last season when the boys from DC voted themselves into the playoffs for the first time. There were several seasons way back when I thought they had a winning team only to see them roll over and play dead. They are a contender for a wild card once again at the very least.

Dover is marshaling forces but just aren't there as of yet and the Red Sox seem to be rebuilding for their next dynasty.

AL South

OH SHIT!!!! I thought this was going to be simple.

Kansas City - I choke out..cough, splutter, wheeze. Not because the Red Birds are the only team that have given them fits. They are that good.

Oh, yuuuuuhoooo KC! Like my legs?! My youngsters are gonna kick your ass or at least talk your heads off. That is right, Little Rock is all in and look like they can compete with the rest of these tough hombres.

We know Memphis doesn't sing the blues very often as they love jazz. I would call them an outside underdog this season and the Rangers and Heads are why.

Silent Ed made some surprising acquisitions in the off season for Texas and this team doesn't look to bring up the rear of the pack. However, they aren't playoff material yet in my estimation, so no high fives.

AL West

Anaheim - Here are the keys to the West, the rest of the pack folded with all the aces showing and trophy on display.

Vancouver is making strides so be on the lookout Mal, not this year but.....

I slept thru the review of Oakland and Colorado, someone wake me I might be dreaming.

Now for the fearless prediction part. My feeling is the division winners might have identical records. Wouldn't that frost every ones balls?

1. Kansas City
2. Anaheim
3. Montreal
4. Baltimore
5. Minnesota
6. Washington

I really like Little Rock also but it is hard to put a young team in the playoffs. This prediction could actually be the hardest, Red Sox and A's for the worst in the AL?

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