Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fearless..errr. Fearful Prediction Time

It may be too early to actually judge but real life situations may preclude me to get it done on time.

AL North

Montreal Expos: They will be clicking on all cylinders and a tough cookie to beat once again. Should have one of the best pitching staffs in the league. With the addition of Marc Redman gives them a good lead off hitter. SS might be their hitting weakness but not in the power department or defense. Worst player on the team is the backup CF hitting wise but could be a GG on defense.

Minnesota Twins: The Twinkies need to make some moves as it appears they may have been shut out in the FA market. A solid nucleus but has some holes to fill for sure and I am wondering where it will come from.

Detroit Tigers: They are more worse off than the Twinkies and pitching will be their downfall. At least it should be cheap filling all the holes they have.

Toronto Blue Jays: How they tanked to a fourth place overall finish last year is beyond me. They are close to being as good as the Expos but not quite. I consider them a wild card playoff team.

AL East

Baltimore Orioles: They have won the title for three straight years and have actually been in a divisional dog fight for all three.They are good enough to win a fourth but I am not penciling them in just yet.

Dover Dung Beetles: Could give the O's fits, more than they can handle maybe. Our commish should try and sweet talk dhyatt1080 into Yankee stadium. It is a rather young team that will probably be led by a new MVP candidate in Geovany Gregorius, it is a lot of pressure for the youngster.

Boston Red Sox: They made a lot of moves trying to bring back the glory years. I don't see it happening, it is Boston however and whacky things do happen.

Washington D.C. Senators: I thought they might be on the way to a dynasty myself. Good players, just not enough to go around and overcome the other three in this division.

AL South

Kansas City Royals: Still the team to beat I think though cracks are forming big time. Solid pitching goes a long way.

Memphis RedBirds: A very solid team and will give KC fits as they have in the past. Age is their enemy however and this season could wear them down even further. Is their enough in the tank to contend is the question.

Little Rock Heads: Last year I said they were too young and got a lot of grief from that statement. They made the playoffs but ousted in the first round. This year I predict they will win the division and play Montreal for the AL Title. I am not buttering up Robert either, that is my prediction. They are just as equal on paper this season as the Expos. Now let's see it happen!

Texas Rangers: Silent Ed left a good team behind he was rebuilding once again. John has returned and inherited a pretty good team. Remember, this is not Detroit and hitters love the hot dry air. It will be a close call but could manage their way into the playoffs especially if a couple other teams falter which could easily happen.

AL West

Anaheim Angels: Mal shit a brick last year when the Angels tanked on their own but came out smelling like a rose by the slimmest of margins. The team is good but there are a lot of unknowns out there. 

Colorado Springs Sky Sox: Truthfully, the Sky Sox look a lot like the Mets. Good and solid but lack a true leader on offense. I don't think they are good enough to make the playoffs. They have a way of hounding Mal to no end and makes it fun.

Oakland A's: I was disappointed with their play last year and a bit of a surprise. No surprises this year but you should see the minors and what is going to happen.

Vancouver Canadians: We have been waiting for the rebuild to push over the top. It is getting closer and closer. Soon, the A's and this team from up North will be fighting over the top spot I think.

So the final six should look like this:

1 - Montreal
2 - Little Rock
3 - Dover
4 - Anaheim
5 - Kansas City
6 - Baltimore/Toronto/Texas

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