Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rule 5 Overview

Many bowed out with nothing really available. I changed my mind several times before deciding myself.

Svick got the first choice as the A's didn't see anything that would help and choseVic Mahomes. A starting pitcher that would be nothing more than a filler for a season. An upgrade somewhere? We don't see it personally and probably a quick waiver wire casualty to AAA.

Jeffrey Thebeau was chosen by the Mets after many deliberations. If the FI does his job and improves his glove which I am sure will happen. He could turn into a Carl Browning look alike.  May not look like much in the hitting department but Browning won a Gold Glove and the hitting wasn't all that bad. Besides, I wasn't sure Bob Hayes wouldn't go on the DL with a splinter in his ass.

Alfonso Baerga was chosen by Boston and made me laugh. Why? They let Thebeau go in the first place. Alfonso may be better defensively at the moment but Thebeau would have been the better hitter.

The Canadians got their fingers on Shawon Schmidt. I consider him better than Mahomes as he has some potential upside. Will it help? Spring Training might answer that if there is a little improvement.

I think the Twinkies lucked out with the addition of Patsy Garko. A good spring and there is possibility. Then to convince the engine to put him in to get out of an inning.

Detroit needed a lot of help and Miguel Espinoza was a good selection.

Eric Barry by Washington could be a long shot based on Makeup. They were looking for a backup SS apparently.

 Miles Jones taken by Florida. There is potential but that is the oddest fifth pitch I have ever seen, maybe it can be dropped again.

Hod Long in a Braves uniform doesn't seem to fit but Atalanta needs players. I think.

Houston was hoping and it fell through I think as Shane Sappington looks like a burger flipper to me in the end.

Baltimore was guessing as they chose Vicente Merced and probably off to the showers rather quickly.

Little Rock hasn't learned anything about names yet. Spud Holt will be back on the farm raising taters for McDonalds soon enough.

Brent Robinson is a deep dig but could be on the roster at the start of the season for Memphis.


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