Saturday, July 12, 2014

The "A" Deals So Far

First things first. The  Mets made their final transition early this morning. We got to thank Vick for keeping his grubby little paws off the waiver wire for once and putting a decent little lefty pitcher in the mix.

The Dodgers gave up on Neil Montague and I snagged him for one of those ailing youngsters in the pen.

Babe Hayes was also picked up as a better jack of all trades defensively. He can hit and field better though he seems to be weaker overall. Actually, he would be just as good with 10 points in his health or power. My AAA team will be better though, that is not saying much.

There must be one hell of a fight over Pablo Solano. I am wondering if he is actually worth it myself. It is a boon to other teams who don't seem to be taking much advantage of the cheap leftovers.

Wilt Pagan became the first type A to sign and did so quickly. Frisco saved $2M easily but did they get a decent return remains to be seen.

Wesley Hewson hit the money market next with a whopping $10M contract for two years. A good buy for Texas? Debatable.

Frisco seems to be playing money ball with picking up Vladimir Bennett. At least the contract is livable.

Larry Overbeck hit the ground running off to hide in Vancouver. Signing him for a third year may have been a cheaper and better idea. What is it with the need for good lefty closers?

Texas picked up Ralph Jackson as well for a lot less money mind you. Must have a real need for short relievers.

While the wait continues, Montreal must have given up on the big bidding war and sank a small fortune for Marc Redman.  Almost half price of his starting position. The Mets thank you by the way.

Johnnie Good made out like a fat rat picking up option money then going home to Milwaukee. He can hit but defensively he isn't much. Maybe he will play 1B or RF while drinking the suds down.

Zeke English makes his way to Boston as they pick up another cheap fallout signing. He could be a big help in Fenway.

Boston, being skinflintish also signed Arthur Donatello for another tour in a Red Sox uniform.

Yunel Mendez also got caught with his pants down with a meager contract in Toronto. Boots Rivera joined Yunel in the same cheap money feud as the Blue Jays must have gotten out of the race.

The Type "B's" made out like fat rats though I question the deal for Reagan Mathews. Marty must be sitting back stroking and hoping she is a beauty.

It took a few cycles but Arizona finally won out over me in the Kris Sisler war. I made them pay from the looks of things. I took my chances with a young  Alex Mesa on the sly, just wish his splits were better.

Funny, I don't remember Elrod Cedeno showing up on my list. Is that possible? I would have paid him that kind of money for two years.

Okay, I get the fact Bruce signed Hank Kennedy as he is a better 1B defensively. I think for a few grand less, Luis Perez would have been a better option.

Hey, if I could move Leo Rodney for a decent PC catcher and free up some money, I would make another grab off the FA market. There I go dreaming again, like I would actually trade my hero. Sentimental fool!

So, who is in the running for Solano? Too many teams not heard from in the FA wars.

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