Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Early Major Free Agent Signings

Early Blue Chip signings has the world a-buzz already.

First on the list was Matthew Hollins grabbed by Oakland. I had him ranked 4th, such a steal at a paltry 1 year deal for $8M.

Tom Waters was also grabbed by Oakland. With a 3 year deal for $4.8M per and helps solidify the pen.

The Twins got into the scene signing Mark Carew to aid their pen. A $4.8M 2 year deal excited this young lefty.

Karim Pulido was quickly signed by Cleveland for $5.8M for 5 years. Maybe the best lefty starter available.

The Sycamores signed veteran middle reliever Tony Gong for three years totaling $15.6M.

In Second round actions

St. Louis got their hands on Luis Guerrero with a $6.6M 4 year deal. Maybe the best SS available, though a little light in the range department.

Kansas City beefed up their lineup by signing Albert Tapies to a $6.3M 3 year deal. I had him ranked fifth, so it was another relatively cheap early signing.

The Twins kept on filling their pen needs with Ron Hudson with a $4.5M 1 year deal.

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