Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report

Losing out by 1 win that could have came from anywhere the final week was absolutely hard to swallow. But it happens all the time. The last three against Philly was even worse, a 1-0 shutout and two that went extra innings and fell short.

I had two teams in Cleveland and both lost a playoff spot on the last day of the season both by tie-breakers. The other team I couldn't win a division game at all (9-21) and my thoughts on that is utterly ludicrous with an 87 win team.

Comparing the two teams is relatively easy, they sort of look like night and day though. Both are very defensively sound, both have good pitching (the other world the pitching is much better IMO) but hitting is somewhat different. However, comparing the final stats, they are almost identical except in the SB department. If that is the case, then simmy (IMO) is set to make Cleveland a very difficult place to win no matter what and if it is close at the end, they will lose or make it as close as possible. I am dropping that team BTW because it can't be moved, it has won 268 games the last three seasons but has 1 title and playoff appearance to show for it.

Enough of the BS....Time for the real stuff

Since I had the best defense in the NL and second overall in fewest errors, the best plus/minus ratio at 123/4 (123 is a new record and the 4 ties a record) and the fewest unearned runs at 31. Teams didn't run well either as Black Bart snuck in to capture the GG at cather along with Gio in RF for his third straight GG. Defense was not the problem.

The pitching staff is actually rated third overall though the defense has a lot to do with that IMO. 20 blown saves may seem high, but only 12 actually resulted in losses.

The beginning of the season was rough because I couldn't get a lineup together that would work. Also I started the season 0-9 in 1-run games and 0-7 in extra inning games, the two were actually related as both were counted the same. After that we were 24-14 in 1-run games and 7-3 in extra inning affairs. Only one of the extra inning losses was not a 1-run game. Some of the extra inning games came one right after another at one point and demolished my pitching staff for a few games that didn't help either, a string of unhelpful losses. Losing Matt Pierce and Trace Wallace to the DL at the same time hurt also.

Did the trade of Roy Little and Johnny Zeile hurt or help the pitching staff? The answer to that could be tough. Little is a good pitcher, but late in the season had a history of fading. Zeile was not a pitcher that could do well in Cleveland. Cy Bruske and Mickey Frazier strengthened a weak pen. My thoughts are that I waited too long to trade for Zachrey Jerzembeck. I should have traded for him the moment that Pierce went down with his injury. Of course I didn't expect Wallace to go down soon after that. Even then I hee-hawed around it too long. Actually I was looking at another player and couldn't decide whether or not they would go for a trade. I really wanted a vet, so Zachrey was the answer, that one really didn't pan out so well but didn't hurt as I was hoping he would hit lefties better.

The roster is pretty much set for next season and will be much better if we have a good rollover and spring. The off-season will probably see us looking for a starting pitcher and maybe more help for the pen. Either, neither or both will come via FA. We have one player we are looking to trade for, whether that will happen or not is a big question mark.

Moving to another city is definitely high on the list. However, there is only one city actually available at the moment and I will have the time to think about it some more. It is also a very shunned place but, I call dibs on Baltimore!!!! The defense and offense can get around the park factors I think, just not sure about the pitching. Maybe the off-season will open a different avenue on a new city.

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