Thursday, May 6, 2010

Season 15 Playoffs Round 2

Maybe I should give up reporting anything for the AL as I am most generally wrong, but here we go anyways. I am late also with this, so maybe I have a better chance at getting it right.

#4 Toronto Blue Jays vs #1 Durham Bulls

Blue Jays steal game 1 but will it propel them to win the series? The odds makers say it won't, but this could be the upset special.

#6 Boston Red Sox vs #2 Syracuse Sycamores

Boston took game 1 in a heated division rivalry. Syracuse had time to rest and prepare. I really think Boston is the better team but Syracuse didn't get here by chance. I pick Boston however.

#5 Cincinnati Reds vs #1 Florida Marlins
Game 1 saw the Red Machine with from Marlins pitching and stadium, or was it the heat? The Reds are good but Ivan and the Marlins are much better.

#6 Texas Rangers vs #2 Pittsburgh Pirates

Rangers win game 1! Not sure the Pirates are good enough to hold up under the Texas attack even with the very sound pitching. First they must figure out how to beat the Texas tandems and that isn't an easy chore. Odds are with the Rangers in an upset.

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