Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last of the Big FA's Sign

Miguel Rodrigo signed with the Dover Dung Beetles with a $47M 4 year deal. It beat the Indians offer of $45M+.

The Cleveland Indians countered by re-singing Zachrey Jerzembeck to a two year $12M deal.

The Syracuse Sycamores signed Julian Diggins to a 5 year deal worth over $38M.

The GM's are fuming at the moment as no first round picks have been given up in this years Type A frenzy so far. With only one day to go it seems unlikely that it will happen either. Mainly because there are very few left that are worth the money.

On offense the remaining players that I see worth investing cash in for a season or two are:

Carmen Recchio: a Type B weak RF with good hitting abilities.

Winston Ulrich: a weak 1B or strong DH. Has very good hitting ability but could be DL prone after last season.

Jumbo Rivera: a strong COF with good hitting abilities, too weak to play 2B anymore. Though, for a Type A I am not sure he is worth it.

On the pitching side:

Santiago Mangual: A Type A Closer. Wants a lot of money for that position but could be an every day reliever.

David Encarnacion: A SP that could be a good choice for a 4th or 5th spot in the rotation. I think he wants to much myself.

Rico Alcantara: A weird Type B setup man. If his first two pitches were reversed and had more stamina or durability, teams would be lining up at the door to sign him.

Though there are several still worth investing, many are just asking a bit too much IMHO.

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