Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ouch! That Was Costly!

More Free Agent signings with the Dollar values skyrocketing.

The big news came out of Anaheim this afternoon as they signed Pedro Samuel to a 3-year deal at $4.2M per. Then later in the day signed Vladimir Julio to a 5-year deal worth over $50M. I had him ranked number 1 on my list but at that price I didn't even get to smell his old dirty socks. Maybe he doesn't have any anymore.

Oakland decided a vet in the rotation was a good idea and signed the venerable Cam Anderson to a $5.6M deal for this year.

Julio Uribe, who was ranked 6th on my list signed with the Syracuse Sycamores for a 3-year deal totaling over $16M.

Speaking of venerable, Houston signed 37 year old Russell Spence to a $3.2M contract.

The Durham Bulls signed Tony Torrealba to a 2-year deal totaling $9.5M. Yony was somewhere in my top 10.

Louie Moraga was signed by the Kansas City Royals for 2 years and a little under $12M.

That leaves four big names left on my offensive list and shouldn't be long before they make headlines. Pitching was rather scarce and teams are sifting through trying to meet their needs.

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