Friday, May 14, 2010

Season 15 WS The First Three Games

In the opening game of the Season 15 World Series saw the Durham Bulls down the Texas Rangers 8-3 quite handily. Everyone thought the series was over already as the mighty Bulls hit everything in sight. Even with Everett Hill going 3 for 5 the rest of the Ranger offense was still asleep after the long plane ride. Harold Bonds was the star of the game for Durham as his double in the 4th put the game out of reach early.

In game two, the Rangers offense woke up making the long ball work in their favor downing the Bulls 6-2. Star of the game Pascual Dotel's home run in the 8th along with Everett Hill's solo shot sealed the fate of Durham in the 8th allowing Texas to garner a split.

Game three and it was rumored that DJ's sister was on the prowl as her brother was taking the mound that evening. Inside sources say she was after Dan Hitchcock and there was a lot of screaming the night before the game from his dwelling. The only thing we know for sure is someone seemed to be walking rather bow-legged all day. Maybe there is some truth to how Dan got his name. Once again the Rangers played long ball with 4 dingers and Pascual Dotel was the star of the game yet again as Texas downed Durham 7-4 and Dan got the win.

What will happen in game 4 could decide the fate of the series already as Texas owns a 2-1 lead. The vaunted Durham offense has not been seen since game 1, the pitching staff has been yielding gopher balls left and right. Losing another would put their backs against the proverbial wall. We aren't saying this is a "MUST" win for Durham but it is pretty damn close. Someone else must step forward and be the hero for Durham as Harold Bonds can't do it alone. Go Texas!

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