Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report Season 15 Ending

At the Cleavland World Series Management Retreat several topics were discussed. Of course this retreat is just a way for management to relax, drink beer, watch the World Series and have a good time for the most part. Number 1 on the list of topics discussed was the possibility of picking a new city. Number 2 on the list was the direction the team is headed. Number 3 was getting on the same page in the off-season acquisitions of players and coaches.

A. The list of MLB cities was pretty short as you can imagine but three lists were made of possible choices.

1. Baltimore: though it may help the long ball shortage at home, the short game could suffer too much to be helpful in any way. Besides, too many were afraid of bad seafood and I am allergic.

2. Chicago (US Cellular): actually could be the best possible fit but could only move here if the Cubs moved to the AL, like that would ever happen. Why this rule is a good question other than future game enhancements that may never happen.

3. New York (Yankee): possible fit but out because of the Mets and new stadium rules for both NY teams in the very near future.

Other Possibilities, non MLB

1. Louisville: would definitely provide some offensive changes to the world.

2. New Britain: this team can win here.

3. Pawtucket: this team can definitely win here and be the first choice.

Possible openings to consider though very doubtful on availability

1. Kansas City

2. St. Louis

So the possible move was shelved and that made the city of Cleveland happy once the rumor leaked.

B. The owner agreed with management that the team is very solid and only needs a little luck to win it all and was very disappointed this year that we watched the playoffs from the retreat.

C. Hoping that all the ML coaches return, yup like that will happen, always at least one fly in the ointment. Promoting from within to a ML position was completely ruled out.

D. Player acquisitions in the FA market was highly discussed and starting pitching was the #1 priority, every ones as always. Austins offer of Leius has some interesting potential. Offensively we only looked at one possibility that might be available in the FA market, though one never knows who might be available for sure. A big concern was a good possibility of a high mortality rate in the minors this off-season. Though most of the players aren't worth a fiddlers damn one still must find replacements.

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