Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Season 16 Cleveland Indians

Without further ado management has declared the ML team as pretty much set. Since management does not believe there will be anything in Rule 5 V that could help, though we will be on the lookout. The team really has a lot of new faces compared to the start of the season last year. Management was trade happy last year trying to find a good fit and thinks they have found it.

The Offense/Defense

C - Bart Ross or Black Bart as he has become to be known. The uncertainty is whether he will bat lead-off or 2nd in the lineup. His companion at backstop is none other than Jose Blanco whom the pen love.

1B - Zachrey Jerzembeck, who was managements final choice at crunch time in the FA market. He won out over Winston Ulrich for his defense and speed in the end. He is penciled in to lead-off.

2B - Eswalin James, who had is best season last year is back again. He will be batting 7th,

3B - Trace Wallace, who played a myriad of positions last year but management decided to make him a fixture at 3B this season. He will be batting 6th.

SS - Jesus Rivera will be the starting SS this season. He was in the dog house last year after he made or caused three errors in one inning of a game last season. The best part for him was he never had another. He will be batting 8th.

RF - Giovanni Jackson is back in his stomping grounds going for his 4th straight Gold Glove and will be batting 4th.

CF - Matt Pierce is back for his 2nd season. He will be batting 3rd in the lineup.

LF - Felipe Mendoza is still considered a rookie (I think) and was acquired in a late season trade with Arizona last year. He will be batting 5th in the lineup.


Sean Smalley will be the all-purpose position player this season.

Pascual Zapata remains with the club to backup 1B, 3B, RF and LF.

Steven Byrd was well liked by the staff after being called up late last season and assumes a backup role for 1B and LF mainly but could be used in other ways also.

Mickey Greer became the only player to lose an offensive roster spot this season from the end of last season. Though he is first on the list of call-ups due to injury or other misgivings.

The Starting Pitching Staff

SP1 - Tito Gao will be the opening day starter this year.

SP2 - Brant Brede draws the #2 slot this season.

SP3 - Karim Pulido is a new acquisition in FA we hope will have a great season for us and gets the #3 slot.

SP4 - Pedro Roque slides into the #4 slot this year.

SP5 - Randy Lamb was chosen for the #5 slot.

The Relief Core

Ross Bland
Mickey Frazier
Cy Bruske
Lonnie Dipoto
Jose Crespo
Mendy Hughes
Posiedon Marte
Manny Wagner

The Coaching Staff

Yannick Thompson returns for his 6th season as the Hitting Coach.
Davey Dawley returns for his second season at 1B.
Cy Holzemer was hired to replace the traitorous Don Bell(Durham of all places) at 3B.
Tim Morgan pleaded with us to be the Pitching Coach after two seasons in the pen.
Luke Kelly returns for his 2nd year as the Bench Coach.
Marty Harding returns for his 2nd season as the Fielding Instructor.
Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bolt) was hired to take over the Bull Pen this season.

Team Song: Please Mr Custer

The season sees us opening at home against the Philadelphia Phillies. Not sure about anyone else on the management team, but I am happy that it isn't the Mets for a change. What is the chances of the Indians breaking their playoff drought? I think it is better this year than previous seasons, of course I say that every year.

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