Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Free Agent Market

George Atkins became the first Type A player and starting pitcher to sign. He made no bones about wanting out of New York. The Mutts will be compensated with the first sandwich pick when draft time arrives. Little Rock gets what I would call a SP3, good control, decent splits and decent pitches but not overwhelming.

Florida picks up Victor Beltran after the loss of Dwight Hall. Victor doesn't have the velocity most want in a closer. With that assumption in mind, he will be used in short relief in which he is very good at.

Dwight Hall was picked up by Little Rock also. He is 5th all time in saves and looks to hold onto that status.

Benji Franco signed an unusual mega deal with Pittsburgh. He is not your prototypical closer with his stamina but is very good at it. So who will be closing for the Pirates?

Winston Maxwell was the prize in Free Agency as he was the best starter available. Texas rewarded him with an all out super deal. Already with 2 Cy Young awards, garnering a third could be tough in Texas but likely. The question remains why, did Winston not like the move to Montreal?

Omar Elcano was one of the best but his age is catching up with him. Still viable as a starter for at least another year and maybe the pen for another, the third year might be a bit high priced to keep, hopefully that is an option year. It looks like a good contract if that is the case and Little Rock is hoping.

With a closer already on board Little Rock went for a short reliever with style and found Pedro Marichal. Rounding out the pitching staff with aces is a sure fire way to win, hopefully the offense clicks also.

Boston had to replace Chang and chose Mark James. Mark had some great years in Salem and should again in Fenway. Signing a mega deal and his ratings mean more expensive dents in the Green Monster.

With the loss of James. Salem spent money on Cookie Eyre and Tony Lansing to replace him. Neither is overwhelming on the mound and may take both to get the job done.

Paul Berroa was the remaining star at the end of Free Agency. The Mutts tried but couldn't contend with the mega deal he got. He joins a very good and deep pitching staff and an offense that can shell the opponents.

Detroit decided to add some power to the offense with Steve Clifton and the hitting abilities of Santo Martin. They both are the first Type A position players taken in the FA Market. Both will help a beleaguered offense but problems still exist with the so-so pitching staff.

Texas needed some offensive help also and went after Eric LaRocca and Andy Fassero. Both haven't been all that productive with their former employers and a new start somewhere fresh may be what the doctor ordered.

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