Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tin Glove Awards

C - Andy Reagan wins the award. How many times we got to tell ya, the CF is not the new 2B.

1B - Heinie Watkins wins the award with 11 minus plays. If it wasn't for his bat, probably the worst position player of all time. His career fielding stats are not indicative of his true ability.

2B - Denny Matheson wins the award. We had a couple choices here but his sprained finger sealed the deal, he shouldn't have had it stuck there. Could it be why the Slobs went on a 12 game win streak at the end of the season?

3B - Eswalin Romano wins the award. Heinie taught him everything he needs to know about defense, playing with the ball girls.

SS - Sam Charles wins the award after further review. He never was that good at SS but now he is a mere shell of that even after his 91 games of bloopers. Everyone thought it would be Louie James but he got cut some slack after replays showed that 1B and 2B was in the stands buying hotdogs during most of his bloopers.

LF - Ebenezer Munoz wins the award. Maybe that is why he ended up on the DL? Extreme fielding justice.

CF - Felix Yoshii wins the award. Well, he was the last man standing and he was funny to watch out there for the limited time. We also cut Jair Bennett some slack because he had to cover LF also.

RF - Travis Ball wins the award. RF really?

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