Monday, July 29, 2013

The Mets So Far

We started the season on a high note, looked like we were just gonna run away with things. Things got dicey quickly though, Leo Rodney and Ronny Gant both went down with those nagging injuries at the same time.  Might have been 3 to 4 days but it puts a huge burden on thing when most of the big boys are watching from the dugout. That wasn't bad enough as those two got resolved and back into the line up then Felipe Peralta hit the DL followed closely in the his footsteps was Brutus Mora. Mora's wasn't as long but still long enough to be out for the 15 day period.

I didn't plan on calling anybody up from AAA but with John McInerney committing 8 errors and 2 minus plays already, help was needed to shore up the defense at 2B. Compounding the problem, I didn't think about resetting the rest, defense and pinch hitting categories during the absences. That may have led to a six game slump but not sure.  Definitely didn't help. One thing for sure, the players can't bitch about not getting playing time as everybody except the recent call-up and the backup catcher have 60+ AB's.

Pitching has been relatively good as we lead the NL in that category. Hitting hasn't been robust but with all the DL problems not all that bad. Fielding, the normal mainstay of one of my teams, is one of the worst in the NL leading the way with 27 miscues. Most of those by one bumbling 2B and all the minus plays also. We are good with the plus plays and teams still think they can run against us but that really hasn't panned out all that well for them.

Trace Kennedy became the first casualty of the season after his unusual horrible outings disenfranchised him rather quickly. Dusty Ingram was signed just for that reason and was hurried up from AAA to take his place with good results so far.

The minor league teams started out rather slow this year but their records doesn't exactly reflect that. At AAA, they started with a 2-5 record as it looked abominable for a while until I looked at the lineup. That's what I get for hitting the recommended button in the management console then not looking to see what it did. AA is a surprise as I have nothing to crow about in the way of players but the coaches are making them be the best they can be.  Truthfully the same can be said about High A and Low A also.

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