Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shaping Up Part 2

NL North

The Cubs still hold the division in the palm of their hands. The Brewers are giving chase. Speaking of Chase, he has his internet connection back and the Pirates are gaining ground.

NL East

The Mets had the lead but an inextricable slump occurred which allowed the Phillies and Indians to catch up making for a kinky three way.

NL South

Houston is keeping ahead of the fast swimming Marlins. Wow! 12 in a row so far.

NL West

Salem is zooming along while Arizona keeps pace for the final wild card. People may have thought winning 90 games and still be 20 back was a joke.

Most fans would think the NL is going to be rather mundane as they think four of the playoff spots look to be wrapped up already. The North may get interesting before things are done and it could be a three-legged race all season in the East. The big problem is a key injury could change the landscape so fast it would make ones head spin. With almost 100 games to go anything is still possible.

AL North

Seattle and Minnesota keep flip flopping with their streaking. Maybe they should keep their pants and cleats on?

AL East

The Red Sox keep winning while the rest of the division keeps swimming in the heat of unrequited desire.

AL South

Things are rather heated in this division as we progress. The Rays are charging, the Heads are motivated and the Rangers are on the move. Could turn into quite a race.

AL West

The Padres looked like they may walk away from the pack early but suddenly here comes Helena throwing off their early season woes. Anaheim is in a funk while the up and down Slobs slink.

All that can be said of the AL at the moment is hold on to your hats as it might take a while for it to sort itself out.

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