Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Draft Insider

It is draft time baseball fans, time to find that one player that can define the future for some or strengthen a position for others. To tell the truth I was looking for a can't miss prospect for the future but that actually looks rather dismal. That in itself was rather oblique to begin with in reality as I have the 16th pick, but one can dream a little. So now I have to look at what I can find that might help as a backup to near star starter. I gave up my second round pick to Free Agency, I believe a very good choice also. With a 14 in College and 6 in High School scouting you can tell where I am leaning.

My first hope was a catcher but none on my board spoke first round pick. Second thought was that I needed a closer, I didn't find one of those either to my liking. I was like a couple other owners that grumbled at a more than likely lost cause but try and make do with what there is.

So here is the top ten picks by my scouts with the Overall leading the way. This in no way should influence what others think of the candidates and their board or decisions.

1. 91 - Listed as a 2B, it would be a push to say he could be a star at that position. Hitting is not super stardom either. Where he shines is in his general abilities. He probably won't sign for me (maybe not others) which got him sent to the skank pile. My feelings is that he might be top end at 81. Top 10 pick: probable

2. 88 - A left handed starter. He should be relatively good but definite can't miss #1 starter could be a long shot, he is a lefty after all. Could easily hit 80. Top Ten pick: maybe top 5 anyway.

3. 87 - A left handed starter with some severe down sides. A low health is not a good starting point. I have seen better lady softball pitchers with more velo. Yes he could make it into the low 80's. Top Ten Pick: to me is a questionable risk and could have extra costs . Yup he went to the skank pile.

4. 85 - Listed as a 2B but lacks the ability in my eyes. Makeup may be a turnoff. Has speed and could be a lead off hitter against lefties. Maybe make 80. Top Ten Pick: probable with what I am seeing so far

5. 82 - Listed as a SS, umm really, 2B at a reach or 3B is what I see. My scouts could be off on this guy. Could have extra cost involved. I see him making the upper end a maybe exceeding what I see. Top Ten Pick: maybe

6. 82 - Listed as a 3B, range has to be better than what I am seeing. The rest is pretty solid to what I am seeing. Could reach 80. Top Ten Pick: Maybe

7. 81 - Another lefty starter. He is 18 and my scouts are all over the board with this kid. With low starting points in key areas shows he is maybe a sup. Top Ten Pick: No

8. 81 - Listed as 2B but possible RF is the best he could get. Durability is looking bad for the long haul but could have the big power. 75 is a maybe to me. Top Ten Pick: Maybe

9. 81 - Listed as a 1B and could fill that position well enough. Hitting could go a long way if he develops. Top Ten Pick: maybe

10. 80 - Listed as a LF but 1B is more like it. Could be a good hitter but wants to play hockey, I say let him. Top Ten Pick: No Moved to skank pile.

11. 80 - Listed as a SS and looks attainable. Hitting is cheesy but does it with power. Top Ten Pick: No

With the 16th overall pick, getting a viable upper crust SP is actually out of the question. A more viable selection is a pen pitcher or a middle of the road position player. The worst part of my draft board is that nothing really stands out that could be available and the pitching is ugly to say the least even for the pen. I left the 88 pitcher in my #1 slot, I can be hopeful at least. I put the 80 SS in the 2nd slot followed by the 82 3B then the 81 1B that I really don't need. Tossing in a couple less than admirable pitchers to round out my top 6. My thinking is I should get one of them.

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