Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shaping up

Rumor has it that a certain team was going to change their name to the Tom Toms in the coming off season. However the plan was scuttled after the wife put her foot down and said "OMDB" and furthermore didn't want to be called "Tina" anymore by accident.

Anyway the season is proliferating with a lot of teams scratching there heads already among other things. So what does the agenda say about what may come our way?

AL North

Been a wild scramble or maybe scrambled eggs is more like it. Seattle is in first at the moment after a slow start but an upcoming series with the Padres will test their mettle. The Twins have a winning division record but haven't really played well. Toronto opened the season taking 3 of 4 from Seattle but have struggled since. Detroit is better than they appear but the beleaguered pitching staff has been taking it on the chin and the DL.

NL North

So the Cubs are in first, cue the goat. Pirates, Reds and Brewers are all malingering about trying to figure out if they want to play or not. Yes, we know the Brewers suck. So the Cubs beat the Mets 3 out 4 in Wrigley, all by 1 run, one in extra innings. Can't figure out why my pen was so beat up by them, no my pen doesn't suck. And to top off the woe department, seems Chase is off on another one of his no internet adventures again, shoveling snow in Alaska maybe.

AL East

The Boston Red Sox are in first, oh joy. How long will it last is another story as the old timers will come back to earth soon me thinks. As predicted, the rest of the division is hot on their heels. This could be the one to watch during the season as I expect it to get rather wooly before it is over. I really think the Senators are the best team on paper in the division but they just can't get it done at home but have steamrolled the road show.

NL East

Mets and Indians are in first, huh...what? How can that be? The Phillies are a trotin but look a little lame out the gate. Louisville is out of fried chicken and toficken is not Finger Lickin Good.

AL South

Little Rock is in first, no disrespect here. Just don't expect Tampa Bay and Texas to roll over an play dead as they have started to ramp things up a bit. KC however may be suffering from Black Bart mystique. So much so they have been shopping him around but the price might be too high.

NL South

Houston is in first and plan to stay there. Yeah I accidently disrespected them because I got the teams mixed up in my haste in an earlier dispatch. As usual it looks like a two team race once again. Will the Marlins be the stepchild once again? Mexico City is having Back East nightmares that could turn into full fledged paranoia as they face the West.

AL West

The Padres are in first. Not sure what to think about this topsy-turvy situation myself. The Padres usually don't make a run this early in the season. Maybe Helena and Las Vegae have learned are sitting back and relaxing till the end this season while Anaheim tries to stay close.

NL West

Salem is using those big trees to swat the balls. Arizona is huffing and puffing but it is doubtful they can keep up. The Dodgers are looking better with the new owner on board while the Giants are content to rebuild.

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