Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Deal That Almost Was

I was contacted a few days ago by a team that was wishing a trade for Ted Maxwell. I really wasn't looking to trade Maxwell so my initial thought was to reply with a big fat reject right off the bat. But couldn't figure out what to reply with so decided to take a break and look things over and think about it.

After the break I looked hard at the offer. I was actually being offered a top of the line starter in my opinion to start with. He really hadn't had that much success with his club however but would have become my best pitcher in all reality. Then added to the deal were too young closer type prospect pitchers. Just what I was asking for if you look at my trade needs. However, the chances of them actually making it to my ML pen was very optimistic to say the least. Better pitches on the youngest might have sealed the deal though. I still decided to think about it a little while longer.

While I was thinking about it, I didn't rule out a counter offer. I did look over potential candidates throughout his minor league organization. Looking Hi and Lo, woohoo just needed to add that remark, I did find an interesting catcher that I liked but the durability sunk me into the abyss quickly. In simple terms there was nothing to counter. I even looked at a huge trade but thought it would have been a bit over the top for either of us to justify. While I was at it I even looked over the reason why the trade was initiated, yup found a glaring hole alright. So it was off for another break, in all I think I took about 6 hours trying to decide what I wanted to do.

My final determination came on the top two players involved. Maxwell will have at least another 7 seasons in a Mets uniform. Meanwhile the other player is older with another year on his contract. Although another contract is possible, there is also a big chance that he would opt for Free Agency instead. So it boiled down to 7 years versus a year and half. Business sense decided the outcome more than anything else in the end.

So what does one say in the end? Thanks but no thanks? Business sense says no? The reply box isn't that big ya know. Think I said something relatively polite like, "Maxwell isn't for trade" or something like that. Yeah there is trade chat but what does one say there also?

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