Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FA Market Signings

The Las Vegas Slobs has spent $9.5M on Benny Megias. Listed as a 2B while he played for his little league team but now cleans the fences in RF for the most part. Physically skinny no matter how many hamburgers and fries he eats, the envy of most people. However that leads to some health issues. At the plate however is not a little league matter though we think it might be drug induced. He should crank up the volume once he gets into the swing of things and being a left handed bomber will give him and even bigger edge.

Look what the New York Mets dragged home from the international waters, Felipe Izquierdo for a whopping 80K. What is so interesting is the scouting budget is a huge $2M as I wasn't even planning on delving into the market. The big thing is he was actually better than the scouts said he was, not by much mind you. He sure pondered it over also as he took four full days to sign. So what did we get? A highly defensive non hitting catcher of course, well if training pans out anyway. Does he have a ML future? Maybe, but only as a backup as his job is to play the part of Crash Davis in teaching minor league pitchers how to be ML stars.

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